There are several compliance laws and legislation put in place to control the issuance of pistols and other weapons primarily to prevent illegal weapon ownership and crime perpetrated by such weaponry. Each state has slightly varying rules and measures although the law enforced in America basically has the same requirement. Here is a descriptive look at CCW Michigan laws and requirements for ownership and transportation of a concealed weapon. It is important to acknowledge that the information given below is intended for general purpose use and should not be taken as the ultimate standard. You should consult with a professional firearm lawyer or Michigan County prosecutor for more legal advice on the laws.

Concealed pistol (CP) license and renewal rules

Under ownership of concealed pistol, there are three major aspects that are entailed in the law. The first includes the requirements needed for concealed pistol ownership. In simple terms, these are the requirements one must have to be eligible to own a concealed pistol in Michigan. The requirements are listed in MCL 28.425b and include the following;
• Must be 21 years and above
• Must be a US citizen or legally admitted alien
• Must be a Michigan resident, having lived within the state for not less than 6 months prior to applying for the license
• Must not have any order or disposition for legal incapacitation and personal protection
• Must have undergone sufficient training on use and handling of firearm

There are many other requirements that include having no felony history, no prohibition for possessing and transporting firearm and dishonorably discharged from the US military. Reading through the whole MCL 28.425b document will equip you with all the requirements and laws on CP license application. For renewal of an existing license, the following requirements should be met;
• Renewal application should be not more than 6 months before nor more than one year after the expiry date.
• Notification from the county clerk’s office will be issued within 3 months of license expiry and renewal should be done with a $115 payment.

Read through the MCL 28.425l document to get all the requirements and definition of CPL renewal. If you move to another county, you can still renew your CPL in the new county. You should probably inform the county clerk in Michigan of your new mailing address to send the notifications when the license is about to expire.

Important information for CPL holders

After getting your concealed pistol license, there are various things you should be aware of to avoid making mistakes that may be considered illegal enough to withdraw your license and ownership rights. This crucial CPL holder information is contained in the MCL 28.425o document. Essentially, CPL holders should never carry their pistols to any of the prohibited premises and areas unless they have exemption under the MCL 28.425o (5). You should take a look at the federally protected and prohibited premises. There is however no low or requirements enforced to prevent CPL holders from carrying their pistols into state Parks. The Department of Natural Resources does not enforce any such laws although you must always walk with the legal license in case it is requested. These laws apply to holders of CPL acquired in Michigan or any other county. It is important to read through the entire MCL 28.425o for more information on what is required of a CPL holder and where they can legally visit with their pistols.

Registration, purchase and transfer of pistols

Before purchasing and owning a pistol, you will need to make an application for a license to purchase the firearm. You will probably need to purchase license-to-purchase form which can cost up to $1 and a pistol-sales-record form that contains information entered into the database about a particular firearm. The license for carrying a concealed pistol in Michigan costs $100 for new owners and $115 for renewal. Read documents MCL 28.422 and MCL 28.422a for added information on registration and purchase. Federally licensed firearm dealers must not sell any firearm to persons under the age of 21 although the legal age for one to own a pistol in the county is 18 years.

Information for CPL non-holders

If you do not have a concealed pistol license, there are various CCW Michigan laws you must know about possession and transporting firearm. CPL non-holders are only allowed to transport firearm for a lawful purpose. Even then, the car used in transportation should belong to the legal owner of the firearm. It should be unloaded and safely stored in the issued firearm storage case. The firearm should be placed in the car’s trunk (if it has one) or in the passenger’s compartment. The firearm should not be readily available to anyone inside the car.

Rights to own a concealed weapon

You are allowed to own a concealed weapon once you meet all the requirements provided in MCL 28.425b mentioned above. If you had request for a PPO (personal protection order) and the lawyer included a prohibition from carrying firearm, then it is illegal to purchase or own any firearm as long as the PPO stands. This means you must return all firearm you have including those owned before the PPO was issued.

Information on other weapons

There are other concealed weaponry that is not guns and pistols. The county of Michigan prohibits anyone from carrying dangerous weaponry such as double-edged knives, dagger, stiletto or dirk. You can only have a hunting knife in the car. Self-defense sprays are also accepted provided they do not exceed 35 grams of inert gas combinations. Additionally, the spray should not contain more than 10% pepper spray.


There are various clauses of firearm law for the county of Michigan and it is important to carefully go through all the laws and requirements found in the official documents. If you are found in violation of any of the enforced laws, your license application, renewal or ownership may be terminated. You may also just lose the right to own firearm in future. It is thus advisable to consult the Michigan county prosecutor or speak to your lawyer before you purchase, transport or sell firearm. These laws and rules and very important when you want to purchase weapons in Michigan so that you do not find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

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*None of this is to be taken as legal advice and all these laws are subject to change. Please check your local gov website for the most updated information.

Michigan CPL Laws  – State and Federal Requirements for Michigan residence.

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  1. Can I carry on state land: YES
  2. If I do not have a CPL can I carry in my vehicle? Yes but it must be in a secure case, unloaded and in your trunk. If you do not have a trunk it must be in the glove box, unloaded. For more information check here.
  3. How old must I be to own and purchase a pistol in Michigan? 18 years of age. 21 to purchase from federal licensed dealers.

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