If you are a Michigan Licensed CPL Instructor, this is the best Michigan directory online to list your class.

We know that as a Michigan CPL instructor your passion is to get everyday citizens trained and equipped to adiquity protect themselves and their loved one. At CCWMI, we stand with you! That is why we have developed the ultimate CPL Instructor marketing system, and we want you! 

Let’s get the main question out of the way. What’s the cost?  It’s absolutely free! That’s right. At no cost to the instructor we are committed to find and direct students to your class. 

We’re also passionate about something, and that is helping CPL Instructors get as much business as they can possibly handle without having to do the leg work of marketing, while at the same time trying to be super tech savvy.

How it works:

  1. Sign up
  2. Set up your calendar (that we help you do)
  3. Start receiving emails of students who are signed up for your classes
  4. Do what you do best!

Benefits: No work to you on the marketing side, Your own calendar, Driving organic traffic your site, Brand exposure, Seamless student to instructor contact

So you might be wondering what CCWMI benefits from providing this service. It’s simple. For every student who signs up for your class we collect a nonrefundable registration fee that is taken at the time of signing up to hold their spot in your class. Plus we get the pleasure of knowing there are freedom loving Americans properly trained to protect themselves. It’s that simple. That’s how we will be able to continue providing quality marketing service to find and direct students to our instructors. 

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