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Looking for a Davison CPL Instructor? Check Out MITac Training LLC.

At CCW Michigan, our goal is to find the highest quality Davison CPL instructors in the area. These men and women have a passion to educate and equip Davison residence with all they need to be prepared and responsible gun owners.

Michigan CPL classes have historically been difficult to find. Through our CPL Class directory and ongoing software, we are developing your one stop shop for all things related to CPL license requirements, gun gear, firearms, Michigan gun laws and much much more.

Learn More About Our Local Instructor.

Permit InstructorCorban Stewart is owner and operator of MITac Training LLC. He just launched this new venture in 2016. Serving the Davison residents, and the surrounding community. His focus is on personal protection training with open carry or concealed carry pistols. 

Davison CPL Classes

Corban’s class time vary week by week. So to find the most recent deals and times in your area, just fill out our form above for more information and the most recent upcoming classes.

Why MITac On CCW?

Our desire is to find the most passionate and qualified CPL instructors in your area. Corban has several qualifications that make him an unmistakable choice for your Davison CPL permit trainer. Here are a few of them in Corban’s own words…

My life long passion has been in the shooting world. My main interest is personal protection with a concealed or openly Concealed Carry Permit 48423carried pistol. I love to share what I have learned from years of research and personal experience with a varied selection of pistols, holsters, lights, and tactics.

I spent 6 years in the Air Force as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician. Throughout my career, I taught many ordnance classes which along with my firearms experience has prepared me for a career in firearms instruction.

I graduated from Louisiana Shooters Unlimited with 11 NRA instructor certifications as well as certification from USA Archery. I am currently ready to teach Personal Protection in the Home which meets Michigan’s requirement for obtaining your CPL along with Refuse to Be A Victim.

My other certifications which I will be teaching in the future are:

Stewart 48423 Concealed– Personal Protection Outside the Home
– Basic Rifle
– Basic Pistol
– Basic Shotgun
– Muzzleloading
– Chief Range Safety Officer
– Home Firearm Safety
– Metallic Cartridge Reloading
– Shotgun Shell Reloading
– Archery

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