tag defines a footer for a document or section. A basic example of the simple footer with text, links and copyright section. As far as contact form placement, Agente sticks to the three positions: top … You can generate sitemap for your website using any sitemap generator tools online. Contact form/newsletter. Hi! A sitemap footer is a design pattern used to provide users with links that are important to all users regardless of their current position within the site hierarchy. In theory, a well-designed HTML sitemap would relieve the need of an XML sitemap. Its great that you have a XML Sitemap. Copyright terms and license: Fair Use. You may also use the sitemap to connect to your network sites. Clean social share and footer design In Footer … You might think about footers as a page section where you can dump any links or contact information you couldn’t fit anywhere else. A sitemap footer has the ability to minimize the efforts users need to take in navigating through a website. Shopping, learning, and travel dominate the header, as they should—these are what most site visitors come for. It is just a menu that is located in the footer. While the focus is on the practical application of user interface design patterns, by the end of the course you will also be familiar with current terminology used in the design of user interfaces, and many of the key concepts under discussion. We were founded in 2002. It would contain a short line of administrative links and copyright info. In this post, I outline how to create a sitemap in Microsoft Word for your website. Dave Evans 13,160 Points Dave Evans . This information is essential to have available to customers, but you wouldn’t want to attract attention to it. ET should re-record the above movie and add this tip. Sitemap footers are especially useful as a method of showing users different points in the site hierarchy that they might not ordinarily consider, such as the 'Find a Store' function or the 'Gift Cards' in the Nike sitemap footer shown below. I have seen this as a trend in many "well ranked websites". Unlike his competitors, he focuses on small and consistent website design changes to increase results. Copyright terms and license: Fair Use. A