How can you possibly conceal a firearm when you can barely conceal your waistline? Well, we at CCW appreciate the bigger things in life, especially our readers. After an enormous amount of research, we have put together a list of the best gun holsters for fat guys.

1.Galco Speed Paddle Holster for Ruger LCR

The Galco Speed Paddle Holster for the Ruger LCR would be an excellent leather holster for those with a little extra chub. These holsters have two ways they can be attached; by clipping the holster on to your belt or looping your belt through the holster.

All of Galco’s speed paddle holster design is for the Ruger LCR with the laser. Even if your Ruger LCR does not have a laser, this Galco holster is extremely snug and will have no problem holding your sidearm.

2. Airica Belly Band Holster For Glock 42

This Airica Belly Band Holster is a godsend for our other fatter friends. The holster is made of breathable elastic, because who wants to sweat even more! The elastic band comes in various sizes, all the way up to a 50in waist!

This particular belly band by Airica is advertised for concealing a Glock 42, but can also hold a 9mm, 10mm, 38 special, 40 auto, 45 ACP, 357, or a 380. You can buy a belt with either left-hand or right-hand orientation. Besides holding your choice of firearm, the belt also has 3 mag pouches built in, but you can carry the all important emergency snack in a pouch if you need to.

3. Desantis 106 Sof-Tuck Inside the Pant Right Hand Tan For S&W J Frame 2″ Revolver

Don’t want to attach your holster to your belt or wear it on your belly? Or maybe you want to conceal carry while wearing your shirt tucked in if you can find a shirt big enough to tuck in. This suede holster can conceal your weapon in three places: in either pocket or on the small of your back. The Desantis 106 Sof-Tuck is an excellent choice for both those are left-hand and right-handed. Use it for your strong side or cross draw, it’s your choice.

The Sof-Tuck has premium riding leather reinforcing the top of the holster, while also allowing for easier re-holstering of the firearm. This Desantis model is a right-handed holster for the S&W J Frame 2″ Revolver.

4. Versacarry Inside the Waistband Ambidextrous Gun Holster for 9-mm 

The Versacarry Inside the Waistband Ambidextrous holster is sleek, simple, and uncomplicated. The holster clips to the inside of your pants and the holster holds the gun by slipping the pistol over the plastic pin.

This Versacarry holster allows for concealing a 9mm with a laser or flashlight attachment. The holster is ambidextrous, meaning it can be used for either left-handed or right-handed gun owners. According to reviews, the optimal clothing for using this holster is an undershirt and overshirt.

If you decide to make this holster your holster, then here is a quick tip. Excess shavings can be left in your gun after holstering and unholstering. The shavings are left because of the tight fit between the rifling in the barrel and the plastic pin the barrel fits over. This is an easy problem to deal with though, holster and unholster the gun 6-10 times in the left- and right-hand position. Then clean out your barrel with a brush. Problem solved!

5. GLOCK 42 G42 .380 Custom Fit Leather Trimmed orGUNizer Poly Pocket Holster 

For the bigger man with deeper pockets, and I don’t mean rich, check out the Glock 42 (G42) .380 Custom Fit Leather Trimmed orGUNizer Poly Pocket holster. This holster sits inside of your pocket and has a wide paddle base to ensure that your gun stays upright inside of your pocket.

The pocket holster will be a little too snug when it first arrives. Leave your G42 inside of the holster for a few days, and then it will be ready for you to draw your gun with the flick of your index finger.

6. Brave Response Holster

For our big boned friends, we have saved the best for last! Check out the Brave Response Holster (BRH). The BRH can hold any semi-automatic pistol on the market, and the three pouches can hold any semi-automatic magazine. This holster will fit waists up to 54″!

You can conceal your firearm two ways with the BRH. You can either wear it across your belly or wear it under beneath your pants. Since it is a waistband holster, the concealment can be as deep as you want or that your pants will allow.

7. Whatever Holster You Own.

This seems a bit obvious but it’s true if you have a trusted holster that you have used for years and it feels comfortable when you wear it, don’t worry about getting a new one.

The one you have is always going to feel more comfortable if you have already made it work. You can use belts and other unique add-ons to increase its usefulness but it’s hard to get used to a new holster. So be ready to be committed to your new holster long term before it feels just right.